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Pay for The Life Stash with Crypto......

yes, you can purchase The Life Stash using crypto! I accept BUSD - currently it's a semi-manual process as follows:


1: complete and submit the form below;

2: send the appropriate value of BUSD (via BNB Chain) to the wallet address below;

3: once the transaction has been verified you will receive The Life Stash via email;


Wallet Address: 0xFb1232Af83C66096Ce87a459b9702F392691e217

The Life Stash for One: 13.80 BUSD

The Life Stash for Two: 17.30 BUSD

Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange
Complete this form in order to pay in BUSD:
Choose which country you would you like to purchase:
choose one of the following:

Please now send your BUSD to the wallet address at the top of this page. 

13.80 BUSD for The Life Stash for One


17.30 BUSD for The Life Stash for Two


Thank you for your purchase. You will receive The Life Stash as soon as I have verified your payment on the blockchain - please allow up to 24 hours

Please note - if you place your order before 8pm (GMT) I will endeavour to send you The Life Stash on the same day. If after this time then you will probably receive it the next day. 

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