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Features of The Life Stash

If you have concerns about the security of your data when using The Life Stash or any other questions, visit the FAQs
Medical Information Theme
Finance Theme
When I'm Gone Theme
Property & Possessions Theme
Me, Myself & I Theme
When I'm Gone Theme
Digital Life Theme
Finance Theme
Digital Life Theme
Me, Myself & I Theme

    The Life Stash is: 

a digital product (not just a printable) that is simple and easy to use and will grow with you

flexible so that you can mould it to your own requirements

easy to update whenever you need to

unlike other similar products, The

Life Stash is not reliant on a subscription

to a third party. For one very low price,

The Life Stash will be yours and it will last

you a lifetime...and beyond!

accompanied by a

supporting E-book.

can easily be shared with trusted friends and family

provides an excellent first step in your preparedness plan

adapted to different countries - UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia and USA versions are currently available but there is also a 'generic/all countries' option that is perfect if you don't live in any of these

versions available for single people or couples

The Life Stash Themes
Playful Family
1: Me, Myself & I

your personal information including your dependents, your pets, your employment etc;

Image by pina messina
2: Medical Information

 the medical history of you and your family, current medication, important medical contacts etc;

Credit Assessment
3: Finances
from bank accounts and investments to benefits, pensions  and loans;
Home Decor

from property and vehicles to valuables and heirlooms, you can note them here;

4: Property & Possessions
5: Digital Life

including social media, email accounts, wesites, subscriptions and more;

6: When I'm Gone...

capturing your wishes regarding funeral plans, organ donation and more;

On purchasing The Life Stash you will receive:

1: The Life Stash Workbook

Designed with simplicity in mind, The Life Stash is built in Excel, which makes it super easy to use. You will download a workbook of 

37 or 53 detailed templates organised into six colour-coded themes that will cover every aspect of your life.  Recognising that every life is unique, you can modify

The Life Stash to suit your own needs.

2: A Helpful, Supporting E-Book

An accompanying


to download

providing advice and guidance to help you to complete The Life Stash. It also contains lots of helpful weblinks,  hints and tips 

Family at a Beach
Just one payment - to last you a lifetime and beyond!

usual price from only

The Life Stash for one 

designed with a single person in mind

(36 templates)

only £12.00

(one-off payment)

(approx €14.05/$15.38

depending on exchange rate at time of purchase)

Discount codes can be inputted at checkout

The Life Stash for two 

ideal for a couple who share responsibilities

(ie one Life Stash with room for two - 50 templates)

only £15.00

(one-off payment)

(approx €17.60/$19.20

depending on exchange rate at time of purchase)

Discount codes can be inputted at checkout

Introductory Offer
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