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  • What is The Life Stash?
    The Life Stash is a digital download that has been designed to help you mentally declutter by helping you to organise your home life now whilst also creating your legacy for the future. It is a simple but effective organising tool based in Excel. You are provided with a number of carefully crafted and researched Excel templates to complete (37 or 53 depending on which version you purchase) that are designed to collect all of the really important data about you and your family arranged across six colour-coded themes (1: Me, myself and I, 2: Medical information, 3: Finances, 4: Property & Possessions, 5: Digital Life and 6: When I'm Gone). Think of it as the central control panel to your life, the one-stop shop to you and everything that is important to you. However, the beauty of The Life Stash is that it not only provides you with a tool that will help you to get organised now but it is also designed to help you to plan for the future. In the event of your incapacitation or death, it will significantly reduce the burden on your family by providing them with an invaluable resource that will help them immeasurably not only to manage your affairs in your absence but also to understand what your wishes are across a number of important areas. The Life Stash provides peace of mind to you now and comfort to others in the future.
  • What options are available when I purchase The Life Stash?
    When you purchase The Life Stash you will have a couple of choices to make. The first choice to make is whether you are going to purchase The Life Stash for one (designed for a single person or somebody in a relationship who is very independent) or The Life Stash for two (designed for a couple who live together and share many financial and/or caring responsibilities). Secondly you need to choose your country version. Currently specific versions are available for the UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia and the US with more being developed. If you do not live in any of these countries then simply choose the 'generic/all countries' option. The differences between the country versions are quite small but useful with each version providing data headings that are specific to that country. For example, the UK version requires you to input your national insurance number whereas the equivalent field for the Republic of Ireland will require your personal public service number. Ultimately the aim of The Life Stash is exactly the same, regardless of which country version you purchase.
  • Can't I just find this free somewhere on the internet?
    Definitely not! Andrea created The Life Stash because she couldn't find anything similar despite much searching. The Life Stash is quite unique in being a downloadable and editable spreadsheet with the dual purpose of providing you with a tool to get organised now whilst also creating your legacy for the future if something should happen to you.
  • If it's just an Excel spreadsheet then can't I simply create it myself?
    Yes you could. However if you spend more than an hour of your time developing the template (which you would), it really would not be worth your while as you can purchase The Life Stash at such a low cost (not much more than 3 - 4 cups of coffee in any popular coffee shop chain!). Andrea has spent many, many hours of her time researching and creating The Life Stash. Although it is a relatively simple Excel spreadsheet, its beauty is in the time already invested in its development - time that you then don't have to spend.
  • I have made a will so do I still need The Life Stash?
    Yes. Let's be clear - everybody should make a will and The Life Stash is not a replacement for a will. However, neither is a will a replacement for The Life Stash. They are two very different things. A will could never seek to hold the level of detail that is held in The Life Stash and it's this detail that your family will be eternally grateful for if and when it is needed. Also a will is not a tool that will help you to mentally declutter right now.
  • Should I be worried about the security of my data?
    The Life Stash is an Excel spreadsheet that you will download and use as a template to enter and record your information. Therefore, unlike a subscription service,The Life Stash puts the power squarely in your hands when it comes to protecting your data as you are not entrusting your personal and sensitive data to any third party. However, this does mean that the security of your data is your sole responsibility and you must take measures to make sure that it is secure. You will find further advice and guidance within the accompanying ebook that you will receive upon purchase but, to summarise, the advice given is that once completed The Life Stash should not be held locally on a computer, laptop or device. Rather it should be transferred to an external storage device, such as a USB drive, that can be password protected and stored securely. Within The Life Stash ebook you will find a guidance section relating to security - from password protecting the excel spreadsheet so that it cannot be accessed by anybody else (unless you grant them access) to suggestions regarding the security of your device and the secure storage of your definitive documentation. We live in a digital age where data security must be a priority so this approach should be extended to your access to and storage of The Life Stash. Ultimately it is up to you how you use The Life Stash. If, despite taking the suggested security measures, you remain concerned about storing very sensitive personal data within The Life Stash then, as an alternative, simply make a note in the various 'notes' fields within the spreadsheet to detail exactly where this information can be found if it is needed (eg 'all bank account details and passwords are held within a notebook stored in my secure document store in the loft'). This is your Life Stash so it has been designed to flex to suit your needs whatever approach you are comfortable with.
  • Is it possible to print The Life Stash?
    Yes, it is possible to print The Life Stash. You may wish to do this in order to share your completed spreadsheet with a trusted family member. Or it may be that you have an elderly relative who would prefer to complete the templates by hand. The Life Stash has been formatted to allow for ease of printing. However, clearly the ability to easily update data will be lost with any hard copies.
  • How long will The Life Stash take me to complete?
    To be honest that's a little tricky to answer as it is very dependent on your starting point. If you are already on the road to organisation and all of your definitive documentation and data is easy to locate then it could be relatively straight forward. So, from start to finish, it may be that The Life Stash will only take you 2 - 3 hours to finalise. If, on the other hand, you will need to spend time locating your data in the first place then clearly it's going to take longer. However, the important thing is not to feel daunted by the task. The templates within The Life Stash are relatively compact and some will not take long to complete at all so, as with any task, take it one step at a time and you'll soon find yourself moving towards your goal of feeling much more in control whilst also gaining the calming reassurance of knowing that your affairs are in order should anything happen to you.
  • What's included in the download?
    When you download The Life Stash you will have access to: An Excel workbook containing pre-structured templates 37 or 53, depending on the version that you purchase, in six colour-coded themes; A supporting Ebook (PDF) that will provide a useful guide to completing The Life Stash;
  • What's the refund policy?
    This is a digital product and, once a purchase has been made, users have full and unlimited access to The Life Stash. For this reason we are not able to offer a blanket refund policy and this is in keeping with the norm for digital download products. Obviously if you have any issues with the product then please get in touch. A link to the Terms and Conditions can be found in the footer of the website.
  • What are the technical requirements - do I need any special software or equipment?
    No, other than a device on which to download The Life Stash (eg PC, Mac, tablet) and the ability to open an Excel spreadsheet on said device. There are many options on this front - obviously a Windows PC will have Excel readily available. However, if your device does not have Excel available then there is an online version of Excel which you can access for free (simply search 'Excel online'). Also it's possible to download the Excel app onto your tablet for free from the Android or Apple app stores. You will find further technical advice on the purchasing pages of the website ('Purchase The Life Stash for 1/Purchase The Life Stash for 2) so please do take a look there if you need more information. It is important to ensure that you are able to access Excel spreadsheets on your device before you make a purchase as refunds cannot be granted once a purchase has been made (please refer to Terms and Conditions). The size of the download zip file is approx 20KB. Once unzipped the size of the files is approx 25MB. Although it is possible to download The Life Stash onto a smart phone, it's not really recommended due to the comparatively small screen which could make completion of The Life Stash a little challenging!
  • I would like to buy this for an elderly relative who doesn't have a computer or tablet - what should I do?
    It is possible to print the Excel workbook and to complete the template by hand. Although there clearly won't be the option to flex or update a hard copy, The Life Stash is still an excellent resource as a printable. Or if it is completed by hand then it would be a simple task for the purchaser to then input the data into the spreadsheet on behalf of the elderly person and retain it as a digital file to be updated as required. Alternatively, you could sit with your elderly relative and help them to complete it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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