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The Life Stash For One

LS for1
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You've landed on The Life Stash for One. That's because you are an independent soul - you either swim by yourself so your life is your own or you have a partner but you keep you personal affairs very separate from theirs. You don't really have any joint responsibilities with anybody else. If this is you then continue. If, however, you feel you may need The Life Stash for two then no problem, just click here....

Make sure that you choose your country (The Life Stash is currently available for

Australia, the UK, Republic of Ireland and the US but if you do not live in any of these then choose the 'generic' version).


If you are currently temporarily living abroad then choose the country where you are most established - a good guide may be if you were to receive state benefits which government would pay you? Don't worry though, the Life Stash has inbuilt flexibility so there are plenty of places to add notes in each theme if your life is complicated!

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