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Technical Requirements

The Life Stash has been designed with simplicity in mind. However, when dealing with anything digital, there are always things to be noted so please read on.....

When you have completed your purchase, you will immediately receive a download link for a zipped file and an email containing the same link (available for 30 days). The simplest way to download The Life Stash is via a PC or Mac. However, if you don't have either, you can download the zip folder to a tablet although you may need a third party app (free to download) in order to upzip the folder. 

Click for guidance on unzipping the folder.


The download is a zipped folder (approximately 20KB) containing two documents -  a PDF (the Ebook which, once unzipped, is approx 24KB) and an Excel spreadsheet. You will  need a device that has Excel software (eg laptop or desktop) or the Excel app (tablet eg iPad). If you don't have the app then it's free to download from the app stores of the operating systems (ie Apple, Android). It's advisable to download the app onto your device before purchasing The Life Stash.

When it comes to completing The Life Stash, in order to use the full Excel functionality I would advise ideally using a desktop/laptop. If you don't have one, then a tablet will work well (although, you may lose some slight functionality - for example, you may find that links require a 2 click process instead of 1).

Completing it on a phone with an Excel app is possible but not ideal - I'm not sure that it will do much for your eyesight as there are quite a lot of templates to complete!!! Ok, you are good to go....

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