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Organising you today
Creating your legacy for tomorrow

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the jigsaw of your life? All the little pieces of responsibility that it consists of - insurances, pensions, investments, bank accounts, social media accounts, usernames, passwords, important documents, credit cards, bills to pay, memberships, medical details......and much, much more. Do you always feel in complete control or can it feel a little chaotic at times, leaving you needing to mentally declutter? If disaster struck, would you be prepared? Moreover, have you ever thought about how your loved ones would cope with this jigsaw if anything happened to you? Especially at this fragile time when life has never felt quite so precarious and so many families across the world are suffering loss, just picture it - where would they start? Would they know who you pay your mortgage/rent or energy bills to in order to stop these payments? Would they know about your bank accounts or investments? Your life insurance? Your intentions regarding social media accounts? Could they gain access to any of your online subscriptions to put a stop to them? Would they know your wishes regarding care arrangements for children or dependents (including your pets)? Would they even know your wishes with regards to organ donation or your funeral arrangements? At the very time when they are grieving your loss, they could be faced with chaos and uncertainty unless you take action - and, no matter what your age, there is no better time than the present! Introducing The Life Stash.....

stash (verb/noun) /stæʃ/

1.  to put by or away as for safekeeping or future use      

2.  a place for hiding things.


The Life Stash is not a subscription product therefore it does not rely on you submitting your sensitive personal data to a third party. You retain your data and are responsible for its security. Keeping your data safe  can be done quite simply by following the advice and guidance provided (see FAQs and, once purchased, the accompanying Ebook that you will receive)


The Life Stash

has arrived, providing a simple but effective digital solution with a two-fold benefit that enables you to organise your life in terms of:

the now: the home organiser - helping you to mentally declutter and regain control of the maze of information that is important to you, your family and your household;

the future: the legacy planner - helping you to share this information with your most trusted, planning for when they might need it in the future (which, fingers crossed, is a long time away!). The simplest and most effective way to start legacy planning.

The Life Stash enables you to:

  • get organised - bring order to your life by recording the details of what you have (physical, financial and digital), where it is located and how to access it. Never struggle again to remember passwords, don't run the risk of forgetting to renew insurance policies and keep track of your online subscriptions.....

  • gain peace of mind - take the stress out of your life and gain peace of mind by not only feeling more in control but also by knowing that your affairs are well and truly in order should anything happen to you - eg leave instructions for your family regarding your pets or tell them what you would like to happen with your social media accounts. Ensure that all of your investments and interests are clearly noted so that nothing is missed or forgotten.

  • make important decisions - about things that are often too difficult to think about and even more difficult to discuss - and, just as importantly, make sure those decisions are recorded. For example, have you thought about being an organ donor? Have you decided whether you wish to be buried or cremated? 

  • be a responsible human and do something amazing - by leaving a thoughtful legacy for those that you love. You will be significantly decreasing the burden on them and gifting them peace of mind and, for this, they will thank you forever. 

Cutout Stars

The Life Stash IS NOT:

  • a will or a replacement for a will. Rather The Life Stash compliments and supports a will, providing a level of detail about you that a will could never hold that will be crucial to loved ones if anything happens to you.....but it's much more than that - it will add value to your life RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

If something happened
to you....

what would happen
to your beloved pets?

If something happened
to you....

Would your family know where you'd hidden your valuables? Would they be able to easily find important documents? What about spare keys or your precious collection of family photographs?

Hello there. I’m Andrea, a working mum who, like many people, has an incredibly busy life. Until recently, by day I was an Academic Registrar for a University – a really demanding job that required me to be highly strategic and super organised. By night I’m a mum of two, wife, dog mother, family CEO, logistics manager, director of finance, housekeeper, head chef and yes - chief bottle-washer! Home life is wonderful but often chaotic. Don't get me wrong, I get lots of help around the house but, when it comes down to it, I'm the one that deals with all of the 'domestic admin'. However, I'd be the first to admit that my systems at home are not the most transparent and this has often given me a niggle of concern. When in the workplace, we often speak of systems, of not relying on 'tacit' knowledge, of the importance of contingency planning and business continuity - if something happened that meant that I suddenly no longer attended work (let's say that my Lotto numbers came up rather than being run-down by the proverbial bus!) then there are systems in place that would mean that somebody else would be able to at least access all of my work and take over.  However, such important principles seem forgotten when it comes to our domestic lives. Home-life can often feel like a blur of important 'stuff' that makes up our family domestics so imagine somebody trying to take over it all if you weren't around. With this in mind, I want to feel more organised right now whilst also taking responsibility for planning for the future, whatever it may hold - and I've done something about it!

Enter The Life Stash....

Andrea x
ps - here's my Linkedin profile if you want to read more about me:
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I really hope that The Life Stash can help people, and their families, far and wide. Recent events have left me wondering how many hundreds of thousands of families across the world have suddenly lost loved ones and are now struggling to piece together the jigsaw of their lives. My ultimate wish is for the phrase ‘have you stashed your life?’ to become commonplace, with families the world over benefiting from the organising power of The Life Stash - for now and in the future. That’s why I have kept the price very low – no need to pay a subscription, no hidden costs - just the price of three or four cups of coffee! Although this concept has taken many, many months to develop and has really been a labour of love, it’s important to me to make it as accessible as possible - and it's even more accessible at the moment as I have a special time-limited offer for you!

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