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6 Christmas Cheques
  • 6 Christmas Cheques


    Six beautiful Christmas Gift Cheques/Gift Certificates for you to print and complete yourself for those unusual gifts such as concert tickets or if you are taking a loved one out for a meal as a special gift. Simply print them off (as many times as you like) and write on them. Wonderful for children to give as gifts - which grandparent wouldn't want to be gifted the promise of a big holiday hug?! 


    Especially appropriate and special this year for those who have fallen on hard times and are unable to buy gifts for family or friends - with these gift vouchers you could promise to cut the grass for a month, provide a massage or make breakfast in bed. 


    You will receive a link to download of a zipped file of  3 x A4 PDFs, each containing 2 vouchers (without watermark).


    ***How to Use The Printables***


    a) Open up the PDF(s) in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)
    b) Print (using your choice of paper or cardstock)
    c) Cuts them out
    d) Write on the printable!


    Check out the other printables such as a Christmas Planning Bundle or The Life Stash planner - the ultimate tool in planning and organizing your life!

    • Zipped file containing 3 PDF documents

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